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Ago 11,2017 03:00 PM / Posted by Julia

Congratulations, Pal! If you've noticed a special red flame Flair popping up, that means you've found one of our newest features. We're excited to announce a new Red Flame Flair specifically for members using the new Paltalk for Desktop!

Ago 09,2017 03:15 PM / Posted by Paltalk

Mystery Gift Week – Daily Winners!

It's Mystery Gift Week! For the next seven days, simply log in to the all-new Paltalk (download here) for a chance to win mystery prizes each day you're online. That's right — the more you log in, the more chances to win!

Daily prizes may include:

  • NEW Sticker Pack Pre-Release*
  • FREE 250 Credit Pack
  • 1 Week VIP Gift Subscription

Winning is as easy as logging on. Don't miss out on these exclusive deals. Try the all-new Paltalk today!

Ago 04,2017 02:30 PM / Posted by Paltalk

We know you've been waiting for the return of one-to-one video calling and we are excited to announce that it's finally here! Thanks to the hard work of our team (and all of your patience), revitalized Video Calling features a sexy new interface with large, easy-to-use buttons; detachable and fullscreen video mode; and an optimized video component running at a snappy 24fps to get the most out of every camera. 

Paltalk video calling has never been faster or clearer. Update Paltalk to discover our new Video Calling today!

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